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Jonathan Guzman is an alumnus from the Math, Science and Technology High School in Lawrence MA and he is currently attending Fitchburg State University.

Mrs. Guzman's dream is to make Lawrence once more the City of the Promise. He believes that the citizens of Lawrence should not be judged by society or any neighboring city. Many events that happen around Lawrence have proven the involvement of the community and the next generation of Lawrence has explored the many opportunities that the city has given them for many years. The Humanitarian Club will always help organizations and non-profit that needs support. Mrs. Guzman is proud of the improvement the Humanitarian Club has gone through and because of its members he believes it to be a well done project. The Humanitarian Club is giving back to the community of Lawrence one step at the time with no rest. Weekends after weekends getting involved in many projects to make our city of the promise a better place for the upcoming generation.


Thank You


"We are here to help and change the City of Lawrence one step at time, by involving the next generation"

Jonathan Guzman- Founder