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Our mission is not only to provide community service opportunities for the youth of lawrence, but to give students the chance to engaged in projects and become leaders.In the past the Humanitarian Club, was known to help however needed support and how the club devotes their time doing fundraisers to raise money for whomever and whatever needed funds. Members gave back to the community and began a chain reaction in the process, “Saving the World One Step at a Time.” Fundraisers are held throughout the year to advance various charities. The Humanitarian Club raises the money needed to participate in many local events that ask for support. In example members have volunteered in the community by attending the Walk for Animals, the Spicket River Cleanup, the Canned Food Drive, Jeans for Teens, and other activities that do not hold a title such as home fires. The real mission is to assist anyone through their troubles or situations in any way possible. The Humanitarian Club will continue efforts to attract and increase student participation in community based after school activities in Lawrence, a low income and diverse urban environmental justice community. The Humanitarian Club is a unique organization that gives students a great purpose to used their passion skills for a good cause. They obtain the opportunity to engage with projects that will help animals and people in need. They will gain the ability to brainstorm and participate in projects that can help support organizations. The club also offers students many opportunities for self-development and empowers them to build critical leadership skills. The Humanitarian Club is a fun, energetic experience that will expand students’ social network and it will help them recognize the life-long friendships they had build as they connect with other young students who have the same passion for helping those in need. Students involved with the Humanitarian Club gain valuable skills. Members are encourage to participate in leadership role that can expands their way of thinking. Most of Lawrence High School students do not know the true meaning of getting involved with their community and we are here to fix that by giving them an exciting choice and different way to go out there and be productive in their community.


Thank You


"We are here to help and change the City of Lawrence one step at time, by involving the next generation"

Jonathan Guzman- Founder